New Actionscript 3 tutorials

Flash CS3 Tutorial - ABC
Tomorrow, I’ll have my last exam for this year, and then finish for University for some month ;)

During the last 3 month I haven’t published any new video tutorial about Flash CS3, but they are coming soon!

One will be about interacting with a Database, the other will be about interaction between javascript and actionscript.
I now have a student version of Captivate, so I hope to create tutorials faster than simple video recording.

I’ve also created a mailing list you can subscribe to, so you’ll have an email send each time I publish a new tutorial (you find the subscription form on my actionscript tutorial page).


Artificial Intelligence Is Lost in the Woods

Very interesting article published inTechnolgy Review, written by David Gelernter (professor of computer science at Yale University) about the understanding of AI and it’s future.
Credit:Eric JoynerCredit: Eric Joyner


Artificial intelligence has been obsessed with several questions from the start: Can we build a mind out of software? If not, why not? If so, what kind of mind are we talking about? A conscious mind? Or an unconscious intelligence that seems to think but experiences nothing and has no inner mental life? These questions are central to our view of computers and how far they can go, of computation and its ultimate meaning–and of the mind and how it works.


The cognitive spectrum suggests that analogies are created by shared emotion–the linking of two thoughts with shared or similar emotional content.

To build a simulated unconscious mind, we don’t need a computer with real emotions; simulated emotions will do. Achieving them will be hard. So will representing memories (with all their complex “multi-media” data).

But if we take the route Turing hinted at back in 1950, if we forget about consciousness and concentrate on the process of thought, there’s every reason to believe that we can get AI back on track–and that AI can produce powerful software and show us important things about the human mind.

I’m not yet sure if I’m a “cognitivists” or an “anticognitivists” but pattern (as described by Jeff Hawkins) used by our brain to understand information can, in my point of view, be reproduced in a computed way.
Although I’m not so much a fan of creating another intelligence like humans that would not be human, I think technology is here to surprise us…
And as long as we prevent this new intelligence to understand how stupid we are (war, climate, …) we might be risk free from it, other way I will surely destroy us to save the world (cf teminator) :p


I’m a Happy Dad!

Friday 8 June 2007, my daughter was born :)
I’m so much happy, it’s really an incredible experiment.
She was waited for the 28 of june, but she thought that it would be nicer to come during my exam of algorithm and data structures.

Thanks to god everything went well and my daughter and my wife are going well.

Aélia, my daughter
One of her foot