Welcome to my lab

Hi, thank you for checking out my lab. As the name indicate you will find some experiments, projects, and tools that I have been playing with during my off-work time. I’m not maintaining a high quality bar and I’m not doing update very carefully on this area. If you find a broken project, it’s probably because I’m editing it at this very time. However, if after a couple of hours it is still not working, kindly let me know!

List of experiment:

  • Redfin search, by school level
  • Doortender, measuring search engines indexation of modern web development framework.

Search Redfin By School Level

Have you ever tried to search for a new home in a place you were not familiar with? As a parent, one of the top criteria while hunting for a home is to make sure that the school are rated at a very high level (from 8 upward from the rating). However Redfin, nor Zillow, support school level as a search criteria (I had some tweets discussion with Redfin CEO and he explained that the school ratings coverage was not good enough across all of the U.S).

Anyway, for the places where there is actually a school rating, you can use my tool to search house where school are above a certain level.  Try it here, Redfin school search tool.


Search Redfin By School Level Screenshot



Doortender is an Azure virtual machine, hosting an IIS served site that will support a new experiment I started (5/19/2015). The goal of this experiment is to measure major search engine crawl modern web development framework (AngularJS, NodeJS, …).

  1. Experiment #1: how quickly will search engine bot find my page after this very post. Keyword for this experiment is MorosophileXpOne.
    • Measurement: the page is recording information from all web requests, when there is a bot from Google, Bing, Yahoo, or Apple, it will be captured
    • Bias: the page is linked from only one place in the web, the pagerank of this very page is probably pretty low, so the next crawling might take some time.
  2. Experiment #2: how quickly will the unique keyword be found and served on the search engine directly? Keyword for this experiment is MorosophileXpOne as well.
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