Monthly Archives: February 2008

Using AC3 files with Premiere Pro, Thanks to Encore…

As a father I enjoy filming my family with a ‘customers camera’ that export files to MPG in AC3 format. But as a possessor of Adobe Premiere Pro I would have been happy to work my movies. Unfortunately, Premiere Pro will not read the sound of any AC3 encoded files (certainly due to some licensing… Read More »

Adobe Flex 3 Builder is Out in the Galaxy!

Under the strange title of ‘ A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…’ Ted Patrick has just published a screenshot of the Flex Builder 3 while loading, so two month after the public Flex 3 Beta 3 the Flex team at Adobe finished their work 🙂 Version 3 build 3.0.194161 I’m afraid… Read More »

February 2008 Meeting, Adobe User Group Geneva

If you missed the news, please don’t forget that we will have our monthly meeting February the 25th at The Nomades. Notre prochaine séance AUGG se déroulera le lundi 25 février à 18h30 au Nomades (map). Au programme : – Une présentation des nouvelles fonctionnalités de Flex 3, par Thierry Bertossa – Une présentation sur… Read More »

Adobe Director isn’t Dead!

Since Director MX2004 (edited by Macromedia at that time), a lot of people lost hope in a future version of Director. Not a word about a possible version 11 went out through the door of Adobe. So is Director 11 a good news? Most certainly, yes, but there are a few points that let me… Read More »

Get ready for ActionScript 4.0!

As you certainly know, ActionScript 3.0 is based on ECMAScript language. The new edition of ECMAScript is in preparation (ECMA-262 Edition 4) and will most certainly shape the future of ActionScript 4.0. Colin Moock is going to do a lecture at FITC about these changes. You can access his lectures notes ‘What’s new in ECMAScript… Read More »

Master of Science :=) Youupppiii !!!

Well that’s a great news, I received earlier the results of my last exam: I’ve finally got my Master of Science in Information Systems and Communication (oriented in technology). This year was a great one: I got married, became a Dad, passed a lot’s of exam, had my new job, 5 month as a project… Read More »

Creating more secure SWF web applications

Interesting article written by Peleus Uhley for the Adobe Developer Center about creating more secure SWF web applications. This article will help you set all the security to protect your SWF from threats, for example: Cross-domain privilege escalation Spoofing Malicious data injection Script injection into the browser Insufficient authorization restrictions Unauthorized access to data in… Read More »