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Linking J2ME with Flash Lite

First read over Marco Casario Blog Great news from 3GSM, Bluestreak Technology announced the future release of their MachBlue™ Mobile. From there website: Technical Highlights Greatly exceeds the graphic capabilities of JAVA, BREW, and other native languages Supports large subset of Flash® 7 and ActionScript 2 Developer-friendly platform allows use of industry-standard Flash® authoring tools… Read More »

Internet Report 2006

The Internet Report of 2006 is out (since December) by ITU (International Telecommunication Union). It’s small and free, there’s a lot of interesting graph there 🙂 Have it from the Ahmet   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

Free Wifi Everywhere: Whisher

Initially I’ve heard about it during the Liftconference. WHISHER allows you to share your WiFi and roam the world freely, chat, talk and share files at high speed. Download it now for free! The map seems completely empty by now but it might be just a question of time. I love the idea of free… Read More »

More news about Mobile World

Some links to new post on the blog of the project I work on at University. I hope to give them some more web visibility by posting them here also: Literacy, Communication and design Mobile Social Networking Taking off Sign Language Via Cell Phone Also if you still haven’t try foxytag, please do it.  … Read More »

New Job: Project Manager

I’ve signed this morning, I’ll now be Project Manager at MBA-Exchange (an international marketplace for top business talent) for the Front-End Web Development department. I’m really looking forward to this new experience, I certainly will learn a lot from the team and it’s exactly the topic that interest me. It’s now my last month as… Read More »

Flash Lite 3 Is Coming… Soon!

2007 is going to be great for developers and service providers using Adobe technologies. The CS3 suite is coming soon and I’ve just read, via actionscript hero ,that Flash Lite 3 is also going to be release in the half of 2007. The big news about Flash Lite 3: video! With Flash Lite 2 the… Read More »

It’s Exam Time, Again…

I’ll be more quiet these next days as I’m entering my exam period. Lot’s of nice stuff: Marketing tools Enterprises Strategy Marketing research Environmental Economy Durable Development Economy Iconography & Semiology But the good news is that Lift conference will take place exactly the same time, so after exam I can go and listen to… Read More »

Apollo : finally a stunning demo!

Just watched the new demo of Apollo by Mike Downey. Until then I found Apollo demo quite unimpressive, but this time it really rocks: a nice and sweet EBay desktop application (developed mostly by Christian Cantrell and Effective UI). Mike Downey says that a developer version shall come out in the next couple of months…… Read More »

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Don’t reinvent the wheel…

You like to use 3D in your flash animation but you are lazy to code the 3d motor? I’ve just been pointed out about the 3DEnvironment which is a Flash component to create a fast 3D environment with a minimum of effort. It works in Flash 8 (or MX 2004) and you can use any… Read More »