Monthly Archives: July 2007

Job Promotion + We are Hiring!

I’m very excited, there will be a lot of change in the Front End department where I worked as a project manager for the last 5 month. My direct superior, Marco, who is heading the department, leaves to another job… My director announced my last weekend that I will be taking his places as the… Read More »

Building a Better Search Engine

Via Technology review, […]After 30 years, it’s finally reached a point where it can be brought into the world[…] A search engine that would finds the best answer by considering the meaning and context of the question and related Web pages, I’m dreaming about it, they said they nearly achieve it! We will have to… Read More »

Test drive the future: Nokia Beta Labs

Just read via Balagopal NKnair’s blog the opening of the Nokia Beta Labs. The latest beta app is a Mobile Server to access your mobile directly via Internet: Mobile Web Server lets you name your device and make it accessible in the Internet with a browser. The software includes several applications from content creation to… Read More »

Papervision3D Public Beta

Since the first time I’ve heard about Papervision I’ve always been stunned by the demo provided. Today is a great day as they are going live for their Public Beta. Papervision3D moves from private testing to a full public beta. Everybody is welcome to download and start playing with it. We believe you will find… Read More »

Markup Validation Service Beta 0.8.0

The W3C offer to test the new beta of the W3C html/Xhtml validator services (checks the markup validity of Web documents in HTML, XHTML, etc.) There are a number of cosmetic and UI changes, but the biggest difference is under the hood: the new validator is using a new library as a wrapper around its… Read More »

3D Pathfinding in AS3

[via: Beedigital, draw.logic] Source code to download of pathfinding with AS3 in 3D! The actionscript architect Paul Spitzer has posted two killer demos of pathfinding using A* in AS3/Flash 9 using the Away3D engine (derivative of Papervision3D that is taking off) and you can download the source for both. These demos not only highlight the… Read More »

EBook: Adobe AIR for JavaScript Developers

After offering the Ebook “AIR for Flex Developers“, Danny Dura, Kevin Hoyt and Mike Chambers has release a new book: AIR for JavaScript Developers. The free Ebook is available on Ajaxian. The pocket guide covers: Introduction to AIR Getting Started with AIR development Working with JavaScript and HTML within AIR AIR Mini Cookbook Command line… Read More »