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How Flash help the TV medias

I’m positively surprised by the TSR (Swiss TV) were I work as a freelance. They really use the new possibility of Flash. Their website is mostly using some Flash 7 adds for broadcasting news and TV show. Nothing revolutionary will you think but it’s not all. One of the show about the new technologies use… Read More »

My Visit Card

I have read around recently about Flash Lite business cards, so I thought i would post mine. It was done with Flash Lite 1.1. It’s simple dynamic textfield loading the data from a txt file online. So if I have to change my phone number, my address or anything else it will directly be updated… Read More »

Three Dimensional Images in the Air

Incredible article I read today from The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, they managed to make a 3D image floating in the air. They didn’t mentioned anything about motion, but they said: The emission time of the laser pulse light is on the order of a nano-second (10-9 sec). Our device uses… Read More »

The Benefits of Making your Website Accessible

According to Trenton Moss of Webcredible (, there are seven reasons to make your website accessible : Your website will be easier to update Your website will be compatible with new browsing technologies Your website will appear higher in the search engines You will not have to incur legal fees The download time of your… Read More »

Flash Movie Contest

Citizens for Global Solutions is holding a contest for students, budding artists, multi-media designers, and activists who are interested in making some cool flash videos.[…]We’re looking for short flash movies that can inspire, amuse and activate people out there who believe a better world is possible. You got until April 1, 2006 to make your… Read More »

See the sound from your video

Great idea that come from Italy, A&G Soluzioni Digitali has create a great application that show you from where come the sounds and also how strong it is (they use circle). This application is for video editing, so you can see what object makes sound (someone falling down) and how strong the sound are, directly… Read More »

Flash + Usability = Love !

One more Top 10 Mistakes In Web Design, which include Flash. Here’s my personal answer about this topic. The Mistakes #3 according: Flash, Director and Java Usage Flash, Java is cool. Shockwave, cooler. Director, awesome! They are good, but it brings a host of disadvantages to a site using it – * Can’t be… Read More »

Working for the Olympics Game

I’ve just began my work for the Olympics Game in Turino at the TSR (Swiss TV) I just do some video editing and some server side work. You can see freely the resume of each competitions approximately 10 minutes after it ended. Enjoy.   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

Google Local for Mobile

I’ve downloaded the Local for mobile service from Google but here in Switzerland it’s useless. In France, Italy, Germany at least we can see the superhighways and some city name, but not for us in Switzerland. The only info we have is that this country is named “Switzerland”. I can’t understand why there is nothing… Read More »

Another Flash Player Penetration Statistic

The first pre-result are out from my stats counter: 87% have a Flash Player 8 (!) 98% have a monitor DPI = 72 55% have a resolution bigger or equal to 1280px 56% have a resolution bigger or equal to 600px and under 1024px 54% have accessibility on 87% of Flash Player is quite impressive,… Read More »

How to know better your Web Users ?

Just a few words about a website I dicover yesterday. It’s all about web statistic, I often ask myself about the people (you) who use my website, what is their average resolution, what is their favorites browser, where they come from, how long do they stay on the site? Recently I get tired with my… Read More »

Is your Homepage Immature ?

I’ve just read this little essay about the immaturity of homepage and I must say that I agree with the content, I guess you may find it interesting too. You’ll found six steps to help your homepage grow up Meet monthly with team responsible for messaging Think every pixel as dynamic content Divide the homepage… Read More »

The new edge newsletter is out

The first edge newletter to be published since Adobe has buy Macromedia. In this new edge, they write about : Flash lite Flex 2.0 beta 1 Vine project Lightroom Videos pro studio Adobe developer relations Case study Sites that Inspire (3 only) I’m sure you want to read it by yourself, adobe edge newsletter  … Read More »

WordPress upgrade

I finally found the time to make the upgrade of wordpress to 2.0.1. The wordpress team really make a great work, it’s so easy to make the upgrade. If you don’t know it yet (is that possible?) you should go check the wordpress website, if you have interests in blog.   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

Macromedia Flash Player Version Penetration

Still the same question for me, what about the Flash Player Penetration ? Macromedia give a response here. But I didn’t found any other website giving information about it. It’s not that I don’t trust Macromedia nor Adobe, but i would like to have other source than them. Here are more information about their methodology… Read More »