Monthly Archives: December 2007

ASTRA: ActionScript Toolkit for Rich Applications

I followed a link to ASTRA from Flashbookmarks. Strangely I never heard about ASTRA althrough I already knew Yahoo! had a Flash developer center. So what is ASTRA? Well, ASTRA, the ActionScript Toolkit for Rich Applications, is Yahoo!’s collection of Flash and Flex components, libraries, toolkits and advanced applications. These libraries are open-source and available… Read More »

Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) Passes Acid2 Test ?

It seems that the Internet Explorer team from Microsoft is working hard to improve the quality of the much criticized non standard compliance IE generation (5 – 6 -7). With respect to standards and interoperability, our goal in developing Internet Explorer 8 is to support the right set of standards with excellent implementations and do… Read More »

Adobe Bordeaux: no it’s not about wine…

This new codename from Adobe hide a nice move from Adobe. They seem (as it is not confirmed yet by Adobe) to be preparing a software that would simplify Flash for the none coders: Adobe Bordeaux is the codename for a new product for graphic designers, art directors, creative directors, and others who don’t need… Read More »

When Military Technologies help Protecting Humans

A bit off topic for this blog but this news from Wired is still interesting IMHO. A Geo-Information technologist, has been using satellite photography to help NGOs document atrocities in isolated crisis zones like Darfur, Zimbabwe and now in the Union of Myanmar. […]To catch human rights abusers in the act, Bromley will need a… Read More »

Get your Location on Mobile without a GPS

I just came accross this video on youTube, Google Maps Mobile (GMM) has added a Location services based on CellID (Cell Of Origine). Cool, now the question is: is there an API from GMM to get this bluedot position and use it with Flash Lite? Supported device: most web enabled phones such as Java, BlackBerry,… Read More »

Ads for Adobe Pdf powered by Yahoo! – A Bad Idea?

On 28th November Adobe and Yahoo! announced their partnership to display ads in generated pdfs. […]an opt-in service that enables online commercial publishers to drive new revenue by including timely, contextual ads next to Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)-based content[…] […]Ads can only be displayed within Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat, in a panel adjacent… Read More »