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Adobe Flash 9 public alpha is out

For real, Flash Professional 9 is out in public alpha ! Meaning we can begin to familiarize with Actionscript 3 within the new IDE. Download page here Here are some interessing link ActionScript 3.0 Language Reference ActionScript 3.0 overview Tips for learning ActionScript 3.0 Building an image-viewing widget with ActionScript 3.0 Exploring the Flash Professional… Read More »

Shared Object in Flash Lite

As I blogged about some days ago, I had to wait before receiving my Flash Lite Player for my mobile phone and that did just get me crazy. But now I’ve received my Flash Lite Player 2, so I can test my applications. The first part that takes my attention was shared object as I… Read More »

Adobe Developer Week Record

Here are the links for all Sessions of the Adobe Developer Week. It’s seems that some are a bit slow, anyway this is a gold mine.   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

Flash Conference in the UK

Flash on the Beach conference is the first major Flash conference in the UK for over 6 years! Over 40 of the world’s most talented Flash designers, developers and artists presenting on 3 tracks over 3 full days with mixer get togethers each morning and evening for essential networking opportunities. Flash on the Beach has… Read More »

Flash pre-deployment pattern

Here’s a little pattern I made for«homework» about the integration of usability in a website. Now that I’m nearly on holiday I found the time to transform it for Flash only. This pattern is more developer oriented (but can overlap the designer work). Also these are the kind of thing « a bit boring »… Read More »

Reasons for embracing flash lite

Mariam Dholkawala (from Indiagame) presented yesterday a great presentation about Flash Lite and the work of Indiagame. The presentation was made possible by the work of The Boston Adobe Mobile and Devices User Group. Mariam has also list the reasons of embracing Flash Lite : Easy adaptability Cost and time effective development Author once and… Read More »

Want to get crazy?

Try to buy the Flash Lite 2.0 Player from Switzerland and you will understand 😉 My first link to the FL2 player made me go to the US adobe shop, which make impossible for me to buy (as I must go to the Switzerland Shop). So I go to Switzerland Shop and logged in, then… Read More »


Today it was my birthday (26) and my University gave me some nice gifts, 2 exams (database & knowledge management). So I just wanted to do something more funny for a couple of minutes, so came to life this little flower these flowers. The code is inspired by the flowers made by Glen Rhodes in… Read More »

ActionScript 2.0 lessons

Tomorrow for the first time in my life I’ll be giving lessons about actionscripting with Flash. These lessons are an introduction only and are meant for user who already has accomplished the first level of learning Flash IDE. The lessons will cover from the real basis of OOP, passing by the multimedia scripting (video, sound,… Read More »