Monthly Archives: December 2006

Flash Player Auto-Update : Quite a good news !

I got a nice surprise when trying to solve some connection trouble on the pc of my future wife, after installing Internet Explorer 7 and rebooting the pc, a pop up appear at the start of the pc : A new Flash Player is ready to be downloaded. Woaaw, seems that Flash Player auto update… Read More »

KeyCode doesn’t work equally on Mac & Win

Something quite frustrating I just notice today, the keyCode aren’t the same on a mac and on a pc… This little code will work correctly on my pc but not on my mac (with ActionScript 3.0): if (e.keyCode == F_KEY && e.ctrlKey == true) {…} Seems that the command + KEY is always reserved to… Read More »

When viral marketing backfire on Sony

[via Digg] Sony asked to “Zipatoni” (it’s a marketing company, or should I say WAS, because I wouldn’t like to be in their position) to make a viral marketing campaign. All webmarketer even young students like me, know that web marketing is nearly impossible to control and should be used very carefully. Nevertheless Zipatoni marketer… Read More »

CSS Advisor beta : An Online CSS Cookbook

The news was nearly unseen with the release of Photoshop CS3, but Adobe has also release a new web tools as beta : CSS Advisor. We already heard of if during presentation of Dreamweaver 9 (or CS3 ?) but I didn’t knew it was out. It’s a “cookbook” style site, with problem, solution and Detailed… Read More »

100 seconds: Mobile TV News

Since middle of November I’m working as a Multimedia Operator for the 100 seconds a service proposed by Swisscom and created (content) by TSR. The idea is to get the news as soon (or nearly) as they arrived in the Media Channel (EVN, Swiss Ring, …). From 6 am to 23 pm, you get alert(sms… Read More »

Flash FullScreen Video Player

Since the new version of the Flash Player (at least version 9,0,28,0), we can do Flash without the chrome of the web browser. That mean true fullscreen, not just the Javascript popup. For me it’s one of the most important step in web diffusion, web outside the box 😉 So to test it I quickly… Read More »

FOTB Note List

No time for me to assist to FOTB, but I’ve found some resources about it on the web. The first I wanted to share is the note presentation of Francis Bourre about “Everything you always wanted to know about a game development but were afraid to ask”. Full of information and links, an useful reading.… Read More »

GPS loves GSM :)

Telko from J2Mobile has write a post about the fast introduction of GPS in mobile, and also point out the passage from JSR82 to JSR179. But all these news are for J2ME, I hope that Adobe Flash Lite developers will create for us an API for bluetooth/ GPS with Flash Lite 3.0. But I guess… Read More »

Premiere Pro 2.0 Lessons

This week I’ll give at “Ateliers Nomades” lessons about Premiere Pro 2.0. It will be in French. There are still room so if anyone is interested in it please contact the Nomades as soon as possible as it begin Monday at 2pm. It’s a 5*3 hours Premiere pro tour from the workspace to advanced use… Read More »

Mobile Registration Process

I had to create a simple system to validate the user of a mobile phone, for our social-Gps based soft. The main point to be validate is the email and the phone number. So here’s how I did it : Subscription Process The new user have to fill a form with different information (phone number… Read More »