When viral marketing backfire on Sony

By | December 20, 2006

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[via Digg] Sony asked to “Zipatoni” (it’s a marketing company, or should I say WAS, because I wouldn’t like to be in their position) to make a viral marketing campaign. All webmarketer even young students like me, know that web marketing is nearly impossible to control and should be used very carefully. Nevertheless Zipatoni marketer decided to develop a false blog for a false friend with false cousin and so on. Everything was just false and it was noticed and propagated by some web user (but who ? Nintendo counter marketer ?). The only reaction they could have : put everything offline and hope that the cache from Google will soon disappear (the wayback machine didn’t archived them yet). The bad is already done, so why put it all offline ? They could have try to use that backfire in a better way like a video with the author telling how you were smart to discover it and if you are smart you will love the psp or something like that.
But well, let’s say that I’m a student and I’ve still a lot to learn…
How would you have react if you were a Zipatoni marketer ?

More info:
Business Week


p.s : btw Zipatoni website is really unusable, strange for a company willing to make people act…

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5 thoughts on “When viral marketing backfire on Sony

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  3. David Reuben

    It is true. If Sony or anyone tries viral marketing, there is always the ofchance for it to backfire. I think that it wouldn’t make a big impact on Sony anyway.