Photoshop CS2 Lessons

By | January 20, 2007

Photshop Cs2 snapshootMonday at the Nomades (IT school in Geneva), I’ll be giving Photoshop CS2 lessons. It’s already the third time I teach an Adobe technologies. My first time was with Flash, my second time with Premiere Pro and now Photoshop. I feel myself very lucky to be able to change the topic at each time (even if it’s more work). Really if you once got the opportunities to give lessons, don’t hesitate it’s great, and as a student, that I am, it helps pass the frustration to be always the one that learn from others ;p

So if you are in Geneva (Switzerland), speak French, and want to learn Photoshop call the Nomades(+41 22 328 07 70) ASAP.


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