Actionscript 3 webcast (video-tutorials)

By | March 12, 2007

It seems that I won’t have any time to do more video tutorials for a long time (at least 6 month).
So here are all the video I’ve made about my discovery of AS3. I really hope it will be useful to all the beginners in the new actionscript (which can be used in Flash CS3, Flex 2.0 and Apollo).

helloWorld [1]

sample hw1

In this first video I’ll show you how to make a simple helloWorld with AS3 (and Flash 9 Public Alpha).
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Download Source (zip)

helloWorld [2]

sample hw2

Following the helloWorld [1], this video will show how to use an input text. Then how to handle an event and finally how to use the a if-else condition.
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Download Source (zip)

Display & control MC

sample DisplayList

How to display movieClip on the stage and how to control them with AS3. Managing the deepth of a MC with setChildIndex.
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Download Source (zip)

Playing Flash Video with AS3

sample FLV player

How to display a FLV on the stage and to handle it’s resolution (videoWidth vs .width), only with Actionscript 3.0, no use of components.

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Download Source (zip)

Animating MC with Timer Class

sample timer4
How to get and set propeties of a MovieClip/Sprite class in AS3?
And how to animate a MovieClip with the Timer Class.
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Download Source (zip)

Xml & Actionscript 3.0

sample XML
How to load an XML with the new URLLoader & URLRequest, and some simple example of using E4X for node and attributes searching, using AS3 and Flex 2.0.
Watch the video
Download Source (zip)

Display Audio Spectrum

Sound Spectrum

Simply displaying an audio spectrum, with SoundMixer.computeSpectrum(). Displaying a different color for the right and the left audio channel.
Watch the video
Download Source (zip)

It was my first time making some video tutorials, you’ll hear (and you surely also read) that my English is far from being perfect, but I hope to be understandable 😉
The two first video are the one with the worst quality, I haven’t found any time to remake it.


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  7. ella naveva

    dear ahmet, thank you very much for the video tutorials.
    i’m just starting to code and they’re a big a help. you did a great job! — ella

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