Aug. 6 1991 – Birth of WWW

By | August 7, 2007

[Via Wired], the world wide web becomes publicly available on the internet for the first time. The first announce was made by TBL Aug 6 1991 (not the 7 as written at Wired) on Internet.

Do you know why is it called the World Wide Web?
Here’s the answer of Tim Berners Lee:

Looking for a name for a global hypertext system, an essential element I wanted to stress was its decentralized form allowing anything to link to anything. This form is mathematically a graph, or web. It was designed to be global of course. ( I had noticed that projects find it useful to have a signature letter, as the Zebra project at CERN which started all its variables with “Z”. In fact by the time I had decided on WWW, I had written enough code using global variables starting with “HT” for hypertext that W wasn’t used for that.). Alternatives I considered were “Mine of information” (“Moi”, c’est un peu egoiste) and “The Information Mine (“Tim”, even more egocentric!), and “Information Mesh” (too like “Mess” though its ability to describe a mess was a requirement!).

A screenshot of the worldwideweb (the first GUI browser) later renamed Nexus to avoid the confusion of the client and the abstract space.

Screenshoot of the first GUI browser

Here is a list of people involved in the WWW project:

Please notice the address: 1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland 🙂

Finally here you can see a copy of the first web page published on the Web.

Happy birthday WWW


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