Web 2.0 and Advertising

By | November 29, 2007

Very interesting article from Dale Dougherty at O’Reilly Radar.

After displaying a (quite boring but illustrative) video,

the author look at the changing world of advertisement with the Web 2.0.

[…]The concept behind this video is that advertisers think they know consumers and know what they want but they really don’t[…]

[…]Will my online profiles and detailed behavioral tracking draw a truer picture of me? Will I like that picture? Who do I want to see it?[…]

[…] Given different contexts, you could consider yourself a different person[…]

[…]Google also followed traditional media’s rules that kept a clear separation of paid placement and useful content. This separation has defined the dual role of modern media — to serve its audience while also serving its advertisers. This so-called separation of church and state serves us well, but it’s not clear whether the distinction between content and advertising will survive the web.[…]

[…]I hope the threat of user migration is enough to keep Web 2.0 sites honest, and counteract the aggressive tendencies of advertisers.[…]

Might be hard to understand only with these quotes (and I really encourage you to read the article) but still the question is hot as fire, most of the popular website get their incredible valuations thanks to advertising opportunities. My concern is what are the limit of only advertisement?

As an “Internaute” I rarely pay attention to add on the website I’m on, but as a web technologist I pay a lot of attention to where I should display add, what type of add should be displayed and how we can try to get the most information from the visitors and what type of add he will think to be useful…

Are you already annoyed by all the add on social network or it doesn’t yet represent a problem for you, what do you think of the next step of Facebook and other big social network?

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