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Adobe offers to Google and Yahoo! Flash Player Technology – Is It Really A Good News?

I’ve just read via the AXNA that Adobe, Google and Yahoo! worked together to allow SWF searchability. My first thought was ‘finally they made it’ 🙂 But while reading the FAQ I’ve been a little disappointed by how this indexation seems to happen: […]The Flash Player technology, optimized for search spiders, runs a SWF file… Read More »

Why? Videos from the AUGG :)ooooo

Monday we had the AUGG (Adobe User Group Genève) meeting to celebrate the release of Adobe AIR and FLEX 3.0. I had a camera recorder during the meeting and I asked several questions (Why AIR? Why Flex? Why Flash? Why Not Silverlight?). The answer are funny & serious at the same time 🙂 If you… Read More »

Flash is not open-source for the moment, but we are not against it

Interesting article from where they interviewed Simon Hayhurst, director of video numeric products at Adobe, and FrĂ©dĂ©ric Massy, marketing director, about the presence of Adobe and his future. Read the translated version (originally text is in French). Here are a few interesting quotes: […]Flash is not in fact open-source for the moment, but we… Read More »

Get ready for ActionScript 4.0!

As you certainly know, ActionScript 3.0 is based on ECMAScript language. The new edition of ECMAScript is in preparation (ECMA-262 Edition 4) and will most certainly shape the future of ActionScript 4.0. Colin Moock is going to do a lecture at FITC about these changes. You can access his lectures notes ‘What’s new in ECMAScript… Read More »

Creating more secure SWF web applications

Interesting article written by Peleus Uhley for the Adobe Developer Center about creating more secure SWF web applications. This article will help you set all the security to protect your SWF from threats, for example: Cross-domain privilege escalation Spoofing Malicious data injection Script injection into the browser Insufficient authorization restrictions Unauthorized access to data in… Read More »