AIR bundled in Acrobat Reader 9

By | July 2, 2008
Acrobat Reader 9

A very good news for all AIR developer or for all people hesitating to use AIR for future applications. AIR is bundled in Acrobat Reader 9 (released yesterday), as Acrobat Reader is still one of the most downloaded software of Adobe [it is my assumption, I couldn’t find any stats :(] it will certainly help a lot the penetration of AIR (which I couldn’t find any stats either…).

It is interesting to note that some people tend to see bundled software like an unfair ways of doing distributing applications, some commented onRyan Stewart’s post concern about security and posted a link to a sample of trojan injection via PDF. Even if I was aware of some security problems with Flash and Acrobat, I didn’t knew this method to inject .exe via a PDF.

Personally I understand those concern, an incredible high number of user don’t update their software and so are more vulnerable to attack. I think that Adobe could offer the choice to people, even if for the developers and for market share it is not as profitable 🙂


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