First week in Seattle: ✔

By | July 16, 2012

Last Sunday, my family and I landed in Seattle airport after more than ten hours traveling.  We then settled in a temporary housing in Kirkland, with a breathtaking view on Washington Lake. So far, we are all excited and happy to be here! 

On Monday morning, I was at Microsoft for the New Employee Orientation (employee that relocate have to attend the NEO). It was a pretty good way to adjust my jet lag and understand what I needed to do in order to get my administrative work done. Main blocker for us is still the social security number. In the US without a SSN you cannot get credit. Without credit you cannot get a phone, a car or a house. So our temporary situation is going to last for a few more weeks, not bad considering the current view on the Lake.

Being at Microsoft mothership is quite impressive, around 60’000 employees dispatched in numerous building all around the area. This is a radical change from my experience in Zurich (Switzerland) where we were “only” 30 employees.  When I learned that the Dev Center in Zurich was about to close, I decided to stay in the same group (Lync) while extending my responsibilities. This means that I am now testing Lync Response Group and Xmpp Gateway.


The Seattle area is very promising, close to mountains, forest and the Pacific Ocean. I am really looking forward to discovering this area.



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  1. Reto

    Good luck with your new job, looking foreward to see more posts about your new adventure.

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