Preparing my next certification (with uCertify)

By | October 3, 2013

I have been thinking for a while about my next certification, however I wasn’t able to find one certification where the courses would not overlap too much with my work or my family life. Luckily, I have been contacted by uCertify to review their tool, and was offered access to one course! I decided to give a try to the PMI – Project Management Professional (V5) certification.

The site is designed to help you get your certification, they have a lot of tools bundled under the uCertify site that makes it a great companion for any certification you might plan for.
The course site is divided into 7 categories and 3 tickers.

Pre-assessment, help you identify early on what areas you need improvement before you even begin the course.
Chapters & Lessons, is the course material (the PMPBOK v5 in my case) with nice functionalities to annotate and bookmark pages.

Exercises, Flashcards, and quizzes, is the place where I am actually spending most of my time. It is a great way to train for the exam! Flashcards prepares you for each chapters potential questions and give great sample answers.
Practice Tests, this is the simulated environment for the exam. 600 questions, I feel it will wait for a rainy Sunday (which happen quite frequently in Seattle during fall) to complete this.
Post assessment, this is the actual test, you need to get at least 90% to confirm your mastery. This should be done only when all above categories are completed. Once you get all answers correct, you can go ahead and do the real test (at the test center).
Videos, multiple videos on some of the chapters and lessons of your certification.
Glossary, this is a great place to get a quick definition of some terms. The annotation functionality is also available.


Target, this ticker enable you to track how much more you need to work to reach your targeted based on the progress you are making on each category. This is an extremely motivating factor.
If you click on it, you can access a detailed view (study planner) of your progress and step by step ‘coaching’ advices to help stay on track and increase your chance of passing the test.

Certificate of Completion, will allow you to have a virtual certificate once you are ready for the test.
Test history & performance analytics, is a report that help gauging the progress and our focus (with visualization tools showing how much time you spend working, what you have been working on, and when you have been mostly working).

Overall, I feel confident that this site will help me get my certification, eventually. At least it gives me enough flexibility and enough tools so I can prepare well.

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