How to know better your Web Users ?

By | February 8, 2006

Just a few words about a website I dicover yesterday.
It’s all about web statistic, I often ask myself about the people (you) who use my website, what is their average resolution, what is their favorites browser, where they come from, how long do they stay on the site?
Recently I get tired with my native statengine from my ISP, so I build a little stat application with Flash, but still I was missing some infos, that’s when the website I discover yesterday enter in game : it make some really nice stats :First webuser who has read this post location

  • Entry, exit pages, came from
  • Keywords analysis, recent keywords activity
  • Search engine wars
  • Returning visits
  • Browser, system, IP,
  • Country, State, City, ISP
  • The best of all, it’s totally free (for small stats).
    Go to if you want to know better your Web User.
    Unfortunately they don’t make stats about the Flash Player.

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