Another Flash Player Penetration Statistic

By | February 8, 2006

The first pre-result are out from my stats counter:

  • 87% have a Flash Player 8 (!)
  • 98% have a monitor DPI = 72
  • 55% have a resolution bigger or equal to 1280px
  • 56% have a resolution bigger or equal to 600px and under 1024px
  • 54% have accessibility on
  • 87% of Flash Player is quite impressive, but this stats is done with a Flash 7 swf, so all web user who don’t have FP7 won’t be include in the database.
    I’ll soon (when my exams end) make a stat of the different FP who come on my site.

    Take a look at the Flash stats counter

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    3 thoughts on “Another Flash Player Penetration Statistic

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    2. 5566

      u got your stats from your flash file? based on less than 200 users?

      i feel your statistic samples are quite bias. ppl who visit your site are more likely technical users/developers. it’s very likely that them will install the latest player and some r using beta testing ones, like me, using 8.5.

    3. Metah

      You are completely right, but I can’t do much against it as long as I make the test only from here.