Flash Lite – XML, my updated visit card

By | July 1, 2006

Demo of the carte de visite
Since Flash Lite 2.0 the use of XML is now possible. So I wanted to update my old CDV made in Flash Lite 1.1. There is no special difficulties the only trouble I encounter was the loading of the XML itself. XML can only be loaded in a none absolute link. The only way I founded to overpass it was to load the data in a txt file (ex : myXml.txt). Then with a loadVariablesNum loaded it and finally transform it again in a XML.
Surely it exist a nicer solution but I haven’t found it yet. The good point of this method is that you can let your Flash Application on the Mobile Phone but the data will always be fresh and relevant. Somethings approching the Rich Mobile Application (?).

[kml_flashembed movie=”http://www.metah.ch/blog/image/codeFPaper.swf” height=”600″ width=”430″/]
Download the source

Or view it in your browser (update)

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6 thoughts on “Flash Lite – XML, my updated visit card

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  3. Alessandro


    ops, I meant reachable from a mobile browser so that I can just save to my phone!
    When you view Flash Lite 1.1 content from the browser of a phone like my N91, there is the option to save the FL content to the phone.


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