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Confirmed: Flash Lite apps coming to iPhone

[via Scott Janousek’s Blog] […]Adobe Systems CEO Shantanu Narayen said the company intends to bring its Flash Player to Apple’s iPhone.[…] Whether and how Flash applications would run on Apple’s iPhone has been an open question since the device’s launch. Narayen’s comments indicate that Adobe will be able to create a version of Flash Lite… Read More »

Get your Location on Mobile without a GPS

I just came accross this video on youTube, Google Maps Mobile (GMM) has added a Location services based on CellID (Cell Of Origine). Cool, now the question is: is there an API from GMM to get this bluedot position and use it with Flash Lite? Supported device: most web enabled phones such as Java, BlackBerry,… Read More »

One billion Flash enabled mobile devices by 2010

For all the Flash Lite fan, this is the news of the day: Flash Lite 3 has been released 🙂 I’ve just read it over Mike Krisher’s Blog. Extract from the press release: […]Adobe announced the availability of Adobe® Flash® Lite™ 3 software, which now supports Adobe Flash Player compatible video and enables the delivery… Read More »

Test drive the future: Nokia Beta Labs

Just read via Balagopal NKnair’s blog the opening of the Nokia Beta Labs. The latest beta app is a Mobile Server to access your mobile directly via Internet: Mobile Web Server lets you name your device and make it accessible in the Internet with a browser. The software includes several applications from content creation to… Read More »

Flash Lite 2 Component Framework in ActionScript 2

Project name is Shuriken, it’s a Component Framework for Flash Lite 2 written in AS2. This project is really cool, and if your tends to play with Flash Lite, it will save you a lot of time! You can download some examples directly from the Google Code project website I’m just hoping that it will… Read More »

Linking J2ME with Flash Lite

First read over Marco Casario Blog Great news from 3GSM, Bluestreak Technology announced the future release of their MachBlue™ Mobile. From there website: Technical Highlights Greatly exceeds the graphic capabilities of JAVA, BREW, and other native languages Supports large subset of Flash® 7 and ActionScript 2 Developer-friendly platform allows use of industry-standard Flash® authoring tools… Read More »

Flash Lite 3 Is Coming… Soon!

2007 is going to be great for developers and service providers using Adobe technologies. The CS3 suite is coming soon and I’ve just read, via actionscript hero ,that Flash Lite 3 is also going to be release in the half of 2007. The big news about Flash Lite 3: video! With Flash Lite 2 the… Read More »

Get paid for the work you’ve done

[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”208″ width=”180″ /] Here is a little application I’ve developed, still in beta but Free 😉 The application name is meTimer, the main goal is to count the time you spend doing some work. It need Flash Lite Player 2 installed on your mobile. For example, as a freelance you may work on… Read More »

From Flash Lite to SIS

I’ve been lately doing a few research on Flash Lite topic. In my point of view, one of the best arguments of Flash Lite was XML capabilities and Shared Object Shared Object definition from flash help: Flash Lite shared objects lets you save data persistently to the user’s device. For example, you might use a… Read More »

IMEI and Flash Lite Bug with Bluetooth

I recently have noticed a bug in my Flash Lite app, the Imei Number (Identification Number of Mobile Phone) won’t show sometime, first I thought about an error of my part, but the same application would sometimes work and some other time won’t. Well it’s seems that when you got a Bluetooth link working, your… Read More »

Flash Lite Device Profile Update

Just had the info from the Flash Mobile Group : new device profile update(#4) for Flash Lite Emulator. Device Profiles on Adobe. Addition of the following new devices that support Flash Lite 1.1: * iriver U10 * Motorola L7 * Nokia 5500 * Nokia 6131 * Nokia 6136 * Nokia 6233 * Nokia 6234 *… Read More »

GetMaxSize of a Shared Object (FlashLite 2)

Although it sound obvious once known it was quite a surprise for me. An example is better than a long sentence : [kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”250″ width=”430″/] Here you can notice that to access the Size() of a SO you need : the_so.getSize (); but to get access to the MaxSize() of SO you need to… Read More »

Meeting Fscommand2 with Flash Lite 2.0

Here a little example about using Fscommand2 with Flash Lite, you can access some low level (not really but kind of) information about Network, Player Memory, Platform and so on. As you can guess it doesn’t work on Flash Player(that why what you see bug) but it works well in emulator and on FlashLite2 Player.… Read More »