Open source GPS Library in J2ME

By | July 26, 2006

From Geneva University, a class to :

Convert WGS84 datum (gps) coordinates into topographics coordinates of another datum and inversely.
Class to translate and transform latitude and longitude coordinates (WGS84) to Northing (Coordinates Y) and Easting (Coordinates X) and inversely.
The translation model is done by the Molodensky Model.

The autors are : Praplan Christophe, Velen Stephane

That class should makes much easier the programming of J2ME applications that need to get coordinates or other informations from a Bluetooth GPS receiver.

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12 thoughts on “Open source GPS Library in J2ME

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  2. Saul

    Is there any way that I can be traced using a GPS reciver thorugh internet, like if am outside and my GPS is working is there any application by which anybody can trace me sitting on computer?

  3. Metah

    It depend from your GPS I guess, but for what I’ve understand of GPS, you do just receive a signal from 3 or 4 Sats. Your GPS then calculate to localise you. So I would say there is normally no way for a third party to trace you.

  4. Mario Cahyadi

    can we use j2me library from to connect to GPS device that integrated with handshet. So we don’t use external GPS receiver, it is build in handset. Is the library is support for this case??
    And can we use this library for all handset vendor or GPS vendor, so when i create java application using this library, it can be installed and run on every GPS device and handset ( of course we talking about java enabled handset )??? Can any body help me??

  5. Svante


    This sounds like an impressive piece of work. Where can I find the sourcecode?

    Best regards


  6. lolant


    Your library are interesting, i would like to see it for my internship but in fact the link is dead.
    Can we get it againt?


  7. jeff

    Very nice. have been Looking around for nice gps api. Tanks a bunch. Will tell you results

  8. Mitja

    Been looking for a while for this kind of src. Thanks.