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Test drive the future: Nokia Beta Labs

Just read via Balagopal NKnair’s blog the opening of the Nokia Beta Labs. The latest beta app is a Mobile Server to access your mobile directly via Internet: Mobile Web Server lets you name your device and make it accessible in the Internet with a browser. The software includes several applications from content creation to… Read More »

Get the north on your mobile without any GPS/LBS

Smart idea from Dana Peters, you can get the north in any localization with your mobile phone (J2ME compatible) without using GPS or LBS. Just by using the position of the Sun or the Moon. By rotating the phone so that the sun and/or moon icons match their location in the sky, the top of… Read More »

Linking J2ME with Flash Lite

First read over Marco Casario Blog Great news from 3GSM, Bluestreak Technology announced the future release of their MachBlue™ Mobile. From there website: Technical Highlights Greatly exceeds the graphic capabilities of JAVA, BREW, and other native languages Supports large subset of Flash® 7 and ActionScript 2 Developer-friendly platform allows use of industry-standard Flash® authoring tools… Read More »

GPS loves GSM :)

Telko from J2Mobile has write a post about the fast introduction of GPS in mobile, and also point out the passage from JSR82 to JSR179. But all these news are for J2ME, I hope that Adobe Flash Lite developers will create for us an API for bluetooth/ GPS with Flash Lite 3.0. But I guess… Read More »

Introducing problem in Java Micro Edition

Interesting post from Munja where he makes a work around about Java Micro Edition most obvious problems. […] The force of java was always portability, on the other hand: compile once run everywhere. In the world of desktop java this promise is respected (even if in opinion of some colleagues it is more like: compile… Read More »

J2Mobile : J2ME and Mobile World

J2Mobile is a new blog that was born on last Friday. I’ve made it for the students (and some of the teacher) of the Advanced Systems Object Group from Geneva University (were I’m student). It is not an official blog from Geneva University. We will mostly talk about J2ME, the Mobile World and obviously from… Read More »

Open source GPS Library in J2ME

From Geneva University, a class to : Convert WGS84 datum (gps) coordinates into topographics coordinates of another datum and inversely. Class to translate and transform latitude and longitude coordinates (WGS84) to Northing (Coordinates Y) and Easting (Coordinates X) and inversely. The translation model is done by the Molodensky Model. The autors are : Praplan… Read More »