Entrepreneurial Programming and Research on Mobiles

By | August 15, 2006

A pics from EpromVery nice project taking place between MIT – Nairobi University.There is a part of education and a part of research about A.I. on mobile phone :

Using a variant of a Hidden Markov Model (HMM), a phone can trained to predict what its user is going to do next by continually learning about its location, communication, and context.

Wow, the mobile world is really getting incredible: location, communication, context, multimedia. The developemnt of mobile services and the number of subscriber is huge.

[…]In June of 1999, Kenya had 15,000 mobile phone subscribers. By the end of 2004 the country had 3.4 million subscribers, and in the last 18 months this number has grown to over 5.6 million, despite the fact that only 200,000 Kenyan households have electricity.[…]

Kenyan entrepreneurs got a very innovative use of mobile phone technology, it appear that you can buy milk, pay for a taxi ride on a mobile phone.
You can read more here.

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