Is Mobile VoIP To Boom?

By | September 19, 2006

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[…]Mobile VoIP is expected to surpass fixed VoIP revenue by 2012, according to a study developed by Analysys.
[…] The capacity, cost per megabyte and quality of service of existing 3G cellular technologies [are] not yet adequate to support a significant move to wireless VoIP services. […]

Exactly what I thought, price are too expansive for mobile TV but the perspective are great. Even if I read (I lost the link) that in Japan (who lead in mobile “fashion”) the mobile VoIP services isn’t exactly a furious trend. I hope it’s the price and not the user willingness that make mobile TV not much used.
For the capacity it seems to be already working,I mean I watched the Soccer World Cup Final on my mobile in the middle of nowhere without problem, only a cut all 15 minutes, but it was too expansive again.

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