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Siri, the mobile personal assistant

This mobile personal assistant looks awesome! Unfortunately, for business model reason (the application is free and make money on referrals fees whenever someone buy through the service), the service works only in the US… Interesting interview to watch with the Siri CEO and VP engineering. Still is a great application to have on your pocket… Read More »

iPhone 2.0 : 6+ cool Tips

#1 Taking a screenshot: Hold the ‘home’ button then hit the ‘power/sleep’ button #2 Saving an image from Safari: Tap on an image and hold, a pop up will display #3 More domain name extension: hold the ‘.com’ if you are in Safari or the ‘.’ button in mail composer, and you will be proposed… Read More »

Confirmed: Flash Lite apps coming to iPhone

[via Scott Janousek’s Blog] […]Adobe Systems CEO Shantanu Narayen said the company intends to bring its Flash Player to Apple’s iPhone.[…] Whether and how Flash applications would run on Apple’s iPhone has been an open question since the device’s launch. Narayen’s comments indicate that Adobe will be able to create a version of Flash Lite… Read More »

Get your Location on Mobile without a GPS

I just came accross this video on youTube, Google Maps Mobile (GMM) has added a Location services based on CellID (Cell Of Origine). Cool, now the question is: is there an API from GMM to get this bluedot position and use it with Flash Lite? Supported device: most web enabled phones such as Java, BlackBerry,… Read More »

Thinking about getting an iPhone? — Say Hello to iPoor!

Bright idea from Steve Nojobs against buying an iPhone: Think again. With iPoor on the scene, buying an iPhone is almost a humanitarian crime against yourself. Do you really want the iPhone’s sexy, metallic body when you can have colorful plastic? Here’s more reason to make your next purchase an iPoor. It’s Beautiful The iPoor… Read More »

Test drive the future: Nokia Beta Labs

Just read via Balagopal NKnair’s blog the opening of the Nokia Beta Labs. The latest beta app is a Mobile Server to access your mobile directly via Internet: Mobile Web Server lets you name your device and make it accessible in the Internet with a browser. The software includes several applications from content creation to… Read More »

Mobile Site Checker

Via Nokia Blog Forum. Some services to test if your website is ready to go for mobile or not. As far as I know there are two service providers: Bango Bango gives you a score from 0 (not designed for mobile phone) to 5. gives a much better analyses of your mobile web… Read More »

A mobile web developer’s guide

While reading Scott Janousek’s blog (a post about creating and testing mobile web sites with Adobe CS3), I followed a link to a free Mobile Developer’s Guide. The book is interesting and gives a nice overview of what mobile developer can do to offer a better experience to their visitors. In Switzerland it is definitely… Read More »

Make phone numbers link clickable to dial on mobile phones.

Nice tips from Scriptygoddess on how to make phone numbers link clickable to dial on mobile phones. <a href=”wtai://wp/mc;8015551212″> 801-555-1212 </a> It works great on LoFi mobile devices but will not work on HiFi (Smartphones) devices. On Smartphones, you want to use the tel extension: <a href=”tel:XXXXXX”>Call</a>   1 Kudos Don'tmove!

Flash Lite 2 Component Framework in ActionScript 2

Project name is Shuriken, it’s a Component Framework for Flash Lite 2 written in AS2. This project is really cool, and if your tends to play with Flash Lite, it will save you a lot of time! You can download some examples directly from the Google Code project website I’m just hoping that it will… Read More »

Get the north on your mobile without any GPS/LBS

Smart idea from Dana Peters, you can get the north in any localization with your mobile phone (J2ME compatible) without using GPS or LBS. Just by using the position of the Sun or the Moon. By rotating the phone so that the sun and/or moon icons match their location in the sky, the top of… Read More »