Mobile Registration Process

By | December 3, 2006

I had to create a simple system to validate the user of a mobile phone, for our social-Gps based soft. The main point to be validate is the email and the phone number.
So here’s how I did it :

Process Pattern

Subscription Process

  • The new user have to fill a form with different information (phone number and email).
  • A new row is created in the database with all information and a random temporary password.
  • Then a mail is sent to the new user with his temporary password
  • Validation Process

  • The user must send a SMS to our SMS-gateway
  • The gateway send to a PHP file the Phone Number and the temporary password
  • At this point we are sure about the user email and his phone number
  • PHP send a new mail, with the final user ID and the final password
  • Registration process

  • The user enter in the soft his userId and his final password
  • The application information can now be trusted
  • For the SMS-gateway I use Truesenses and it cost a monthly fee of 5.- Chf ( +/- 4€). It’s really simple to use as you receive two values : $Number and $Message (Post) in a Php file.

    If anyone got an idea about a more simple & powerfull way to “trust” mobile user please tell me 🙂


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    3. Alessandro

      Ciao Ahmet,

      did you consider to have this process done on the mobile browser so that you do not need to send and SMS?


    4. Metah

      Ciao Alessandro,
      well the mobile browser cannot give me sure information ( I guess) about the owner of the mobile phone (only IP). The advantage of SMS is that I’m sure about the phone number. The other alternative would be to take the IMEI of the mobile (but they are some issues with IMEI as you know).