Free Wifi Everywhere: Whisher

By | February 14, 2007

WhisherInitially I’ve heard about it during the Liftconference.

WHISHER allows you to share your WiFi and roam the world freely, chat, talk and share files at high speed. Download it now for free!

The map seems completely empty by now but it might be just a question of time. I love the idea of free wifi everywhere but still I’m wondering about security.

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4 thoughts on “Free Wifi Everywhere: Whisher

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  2. Ferran

    Hi there,

    The maps are not empty, you just have to search by country/city and explore how people share and customize their Wifis.

    Actually in Switzerland there are already a few.


  3. Ahmet

    Hi, that true. If you don’t make a search by city/country nothings appear.