Exlusive interview with JJ Garrett (Ajax Term) – The future of the web

By | April 12, 2007

Just read the exclusive interview from J.J. Garrett (the man who invented the term AJAX) with the guys from NATIW (Nomades Advanced Technologies Interactive Workshop). J.J. Garrett is going to make a conference during the NATIW and he already had an interview with them.
Here are the question asked, to read the answer head up to the NATIW blog.

NATIW: There is a debate about the impact of the web 2.0 in the enterprise. Some speak about Enterprise 2.0 and believe that the new web technology will change the work place by empowering employees and enhancing collaboration. Others believe that web technologies are not powerful enough to disrupt the existing hierarchical structures. What is your stake on that debate?

NATIW: Even with Ajax, web app still does not offer the same richness and responsiveness than desktop software. In this context, do you think that javascript is the weak link of the AJAX paradigm? Are the increase in processing power and the next versions of browsers a credible solution to this problem?

NATIW: In the same context as the previous question, and with the appearance of XUL, Flash and other embedded objects within the browser, do you think that HTML is still adapted to the current requirement of web development?

NATIW: Do you think web graphic tools like Flash, SVG or VML could be strong enough for web applications to compete with desktop applications?

NATIW: Do you think web browsers will adapt to AJAX? From early 2005, it’s more AJAX Apps that have adapted to browsers (back button hack, bookmarking an AJAX site, etc…)

NATIW: What do you think of a computer reduced to a browser with an online OS? Is that idea realistic? If so, when would it be possible?

NATIW: Google is developing lots of complementary free web applications. Do you think Google will hijack the web like Microsoft has done with the desktop with Windows and Office?

NATIW: What do you think will be the Web 3.0?

While reading, I was hoping to see about Apollo somewhere but not a mention about it…
Seems that Garrett haven’t yet heard about it, or consider it too much like a competitor of Ajax 😉 No seriously, the interview wasn’t driven in that direction although when I hear question about Flash application competing with desktop application I think about Apollo. But I’m an Adobe fan…

I’m really looking forward to ask him what he think about the idea of Apollo, desktop application connected to the Internet, as I’ve been invited to assist to NATIW. That’s so a great event, and for once it take place in Geneva!
So if you haven’t yet make your reservation to Natiw @ Geneva, got to the reservation page.


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