Adobe and Google: Enemies?

By | April 11, 2007

Very interesting blog post from Tom: Adobe: Google’s Best Kept Secret Enemy. Here is a copy from his Final thoughts about it:

As you can see, Adobe and Google are squarely pitted against one another. The only problem is that they both share a common enemy: Microsoft, who is bigger and tougher than both of them combined. There’s an old saying, “Keep your allies close and your enemies closer.” While Adobe and Google both want to win this war, it seems they want to kill their common enemy first. However, if Microsoft was to pick up on this secret rivalry and bring it to the forefront, Microsoft could force everyone into a 3-way battle. The key question will be how resolved Google and Adobe are at taking Microsoft down. If Microsoft tries to turn the two against each other, will they be strong enough to resist the bait? If not, can Adobe and Google handle fighting two battle fronts? I don’t think they can. If the war between these two goes live and loud, I think Microsoft will have a better chance on trouncing both. I guess only time will tell what happens, but it’ll be an interesting war to track nonetheless.

In my point of view, the battle is far from being launched and I think that Google and Adobe are not so much on the same battlefield. One sell products and the other sells viewing (as Anthony commented). However, Google with his “Google Web Toolkit” is really in the field of Adobe Flex Apollo.
The funny point is about Java developers. Are they so bored with Java that all company want to have them in their customers? Oh, I guess they are numerous…
For Microsoft, well who care about them anymore. Let them the time to do the SP3 release of Vista 😉

Anyway, it’s really a nice reading to do.


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