3D Pathfinding in AS3

By | July 5, 2007
3D pathfinding AS3 [via: Beedigital, draw.logic]
Source code to download of pathfinding with AS3 in 3D!

The actionscript architect Paul Spitzer has posted two killer demos of pathfinding using A* in AS3/Flash 9 using the Away3D engine (derivative of Papervision3D that is taking off) and you can download the source for both. These demos not only highlight the pathfinding but also provide editing of the graph to be traversed which could easily be made into a game world editor.

I’m looking forward to have some times to look at the source, btw I’m wondering if it is the shortest path taken or not? Also why doesn’t it follow exactly the cube structure, the path seems to take “air” sometimes.
Anyway this is a great job.


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2 thoughts on “3D Pathfinding in AS3

  1. Paul

    Hi Ahmet, my implementation of the algorithm doesn’t always find the shortest path. I’m not sure if that is just the nature of the algorithm itself or something that I have overlooked. And yes, empty blocks are treated as walkable areas and the entire 5x5x5 grid is searched. That’s why the path often takes a route through the empty nodes.

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