SEO Keywords Positioning (You VS Competitors)

By | July 17, 2007

More and more web designer make early work for integrating the SEO techniques to their design (files name, title, link and image attributes…). But unfortunately we often have to face a website already existing. In my point of view the number one priority is to know who are the most important competitors (in terms of market and keywords).

Knowing your competitor keywords positions is not a long work but is really boring, that why I preferred to build a simple tool that analyze the position of my website for given keywords as well as the position of our competitors on the same keywords. It gives me a comprehensible result of what sort of keywords we have to work on.

You can use that tool that will analyze the first 500 results from, and on my newly created SEO page. Just a warning this is an alpha version, I’m still working on it, but early feedback would be greatly appreciated 

Get your Keywords position.


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5 thoughts on “SEO Keywords Positioning (You VS Competitors)

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  2. Lacuna

    I think that’s an excellent tool. Definately beats my current ‘next page… next page… next page’ Googling “method” :p

  3. Metah

    Meble: yes this tool was done for this, but analyzing an array of keywords might come soon this is still an alpha version.
    BTW your pagerank is only of 3, you might maybe stop analyzing keywords and start writing some 😉