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Strategy for ads placement with Infinite Scroll (WordPress)

Some high profile website (Facebook, Linkedin) have enable infinite scroll (automatically displays following pages when the user scroll down) on their pages. This is mostly because infinite scroll is supposed to increase user stickiness to a site. One obvious problem with infinite scroll is that the ad placement needs to be updated. Without infinite scroll… Read More »

Google AdSense is Down !?!

Must have been the first time I saw one of Google services being down… Now, who is going to pay for the adds not distributed 🙂 ? Ahmet   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

Get your Location on Mobile without a GPS

I just came accross this video on youTube, Google Maps Mobile (GMM) has added a Location services based on CellID (Cell Of Origine). Cool, now the question is: is there an API from GMM to get this bluedot position and use it with Flash Lite? Supported device: most web enabled phones such as Java, BlackBerry,… Read More »

Google to let you Vote for Search Result

[Via TechCrunch] Google is working on a new experience within their search result, offering a way to the users to customize their search (voting for or against a result). Unfortunately this behavior would be only for the users not for all the research neither than for a network of friends / coworkers: […]This experiment lets… Read More »

Open Social Is Out :)

Just a copy from Opensocial homepage: The web is better when it’s social The web is more interesting when you can build apps that easily interact with your friends and colleagues. But with the trend towards more social applications also comes a growing list of site-specific APIs that developers must learn. OpenSocial provides a common… Read More »

Knowledge Representation and the Semantic Web

Peter Patel-Schneider – Explanation of the right way of creating the Semantic Web during a Google TechTalks. It’s a fairly old (thigs aren’t going so fast in that field anyway) but the main idea are still very interesting: “why building Semantic languages (RDF , RDFs, OML, …) is broken?”. Ahmet   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

Google Browser (gBrowser) to Come End November?

I usually try not to forward “prediction”, but this one is interesting: In April 07, there had been rumors that google invested in a China-based free browser Maxthon. But then later on denied by both Maxthon and Google. Recently, there has been some more rumor about Google’s interest in such project after they register a… Read More »