Massloading API (Flash AS3 Framework for the massive loading)

By | September 18, 2007

Tonight at AUGG Cédric Tabin presented us his “massloading API”, (MASAPI project) for AS3.

The target of the Masapi is to provide a complete framework dedicated to the management of the massive loading into a flash/flex application. It is designed to be as easy as possible to use but also to be as flexible as possible.

There are the main features that the framework supports :

  • Multi files download (GlobalSequential MassLoader)
  • Overall progress
  • Parallel files management
  • Priority of a file
  • Cache management
  • Supported load managers : URLLoader, Loader, Sound, URLStream
  • Pause/Resume the massive loading
  • Application file dependencies

The API is composed of 27 classes and 13 interfaces, all done by Cédric!
In two words: manage a large amount of files to be loaded, manage their dependencies in one well done API.
Great work Cédric!
More information about his API on Google Code as the MASAPI Project
Soon the video of his presentation will be uploaded on AUGG


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2 thoughts on “Massloading API (Flash AS3 Framework for the massive loading)

  1. Govindan G

    MASAPI frame work is really great and amazing.

    How does MASAPI support caching ?. Say suppose if i have loaded 500 files (swf,jpg,png) onto the browser’s cache through the flash player using the MASAPI framework, when i revisit these files again in my application, will the files load instantly without any delay/flicker.