My First Google Check

By | September 15, 2007

At the beginning of this week, I’ve received my first check from Google for using Adsense. Since the start of this year I’ve been using it, to see if it could pay my hosting. I nearly have my hosting completly paid by Adsense, what surprised me is the difference between Adsense and Adwords (that I use for my work). For what I’ve noticed, please tell me if I’m wrong, an Adsense user will have 1/10 of what an Adwords users will pay.

Google Check

My experience with Adwords is mostly negative, it asked me a lot of times to define Adwords to optimize the little money we were investing. Here are 5 tips that i find out for a more rational use of Adwords.

  1. Find our your keywords, synonyms and position (can use my seo position tool)
  2. Use the keywords tool from Adwords to have multiple keywords with advertiser competition, choose the lower (it will be cheaper)
  3. Find out website strong on your important keywords and place add on them. Do not just buy keywords, I did and most of the website displaying my adds where spams blog in China.
  4. Depending on how much global your business is, define the Countries and Territories where your adds will appear.
  5. Make several campaign, but never forget that adds are for ROI not for popularity, so do all possible to improve your website landing page.


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