Flash Player 10 Preview : Video from MAX 2007

By | October 2, 2007

Aral Balkan has published a video, taken during the keynote at MAX Chicago 2007, about the preview of Flash Player 10 (codename: ASTRO).

[…]Adobe showed off the new RTL, multi-column text engine, the new 3D features, and the new bitmap effect scripting language, Hydra.[…]

I’m not so much impressed about the Text feature, as the only feature I wanted seems not to be implemented (in text search Ctrl + F and copy-paste Ctrl + C).

But the Hydra implementation is great (script language used in After Effects) and promise a lot of great possibilities for effects makers.

Watch the video on Aral’s website.
More info about Adobe Image Foundation (AIF) Toolkit (that leverage Hydra).


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