Google Browser (gBrowser) to Come End November?

By | October 8, 2007

I usually try not to forward “prediction”, but this one is interesting:

In April 07, there had been rumors that google invested in a China-based free browser Maxthon. But then later on denied by both Maxthon and Google. Recently, there has been some more rumor about Google’s interest in such project after they register a domain name Let’s predict the chance of Google announcing its own web browser by end of Nov 2007!

Gbrowser has effectively been bought by Google.

By now the communities think they will only at 12%. This prediction is for November, but I’m still wondering why they bought gbrowser if not for releasing their own browser (with google gears and desktop RIA capacities)?

Maybe a cross platform mobile browser, what do you predict?


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One thought on “Google Browser (gBrowser) to Come End November?

  1. John Hattan

    Interesting, but the problem I see is that the Maxthon browser isn’t, to my knowledge, a full browser. It uses IE as an embedded control for page-rendering, so it’s really more like IE with different features added around it.