Learning AS3 from Books, freely…

By | January 30, 2008

I just realized how much free content we can get from Google Books. If you don’t have enough money to buy all the books about ActionScript 3.0, why don’t you just read them online?
Make a search for ActionScript 3 on Google Books and you will find some incredible title (not complete but still enough to start).

Here are some books you can start reading right now freely:
Essential ActionScript 3.0
ActionScript 3.0 Cookbook
ActionScript 3.0 Design Pattern
Flash CS3: The Missing Manual

Enjoy your readin :=)


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4 thoughts on “Learning AS3 from Books, freely…

  1. Lucas

    Also, if you dowloand Adobe’s free Digital Editions ebook reader. You get their Advanced Actionscript 3 with Design Patterns book for FREEal. I found this out the after I paid full retail for it at my local Chapters… Arrrgh….

    But the book is awesome if you’re into the OOP side of AS3.


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