Want to hurt your page rank? Follow me :)

By | March 19, 2009

Since I started my new job I have been so much involved in discovering new technologies that I quite forgot to post any significant and regular update to this website. Google’s ranking algorithm did not pardon this move: my page rank fall from 7 to 4 !!!

With a page rank of 7 I had the feeling to be over ranked but with a page rank of 4 I really have the feeling to be under ranked 🙂

To avoid continuing this move down, I have decided to:
1. Create a Twitter account and publish my tweets here to make the page change more often.
2. Take more time to write on this blog or decide to let it down 😮
3. Refine the focus of this blog, obviously it was oriented web technologies now it is heading to software development and testing.

If you want to help me and share some of your insight, I am looking forward to read your advice below!


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