Making decisions: Sizing up, comparing, finding options

By | August 31, 2012

How to make decisions[/caption]The last month, I have been reading an excellent book by Scott Berkun: how to make things happen.
This book is definitely targeting project and program managers but it has so much practical value that I would recommend reading it to any person willing to take more responsibility in its current team. Which happen to be my case :).

I made diagram of the most interesting (from my personal point of view and in my context) chapters and I am going to share some of them. Today’s diagram is about making decision, a skills that seems easy to master but without it, you can’t really go anywhere.

You will see that there are three core components of decisions making:

  1. Sizing up the decision: understanding what is a stake (impact, opportunity and context)
  2. Finding and weighing options: techniques to consider options, comparative evaluation are longer but provide an interesting range of choice
  3. Comparing: Basically a checking for the pros and cons of a decision

Making decisions

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