5 things you can do to avoid hurting your own cause.

By | September 19, 2012

Nice blog post from Dorie Clark, she share 5 tips to avoid hurting your cause when trying to persuade others in the workplace.

  1. Painting a black-and-white scenario: do not idealize your approach nor demonized the other’s point of view or ideas.
  2. Offering your opinion when it hasn’t been requested: try to engage positively with your listener.
  3. Assuming you already know other’s viewpoint: do not base your argument based on assumption on what other might think.
  4. Making it ad hominem: respect the people you are talking to, do not force them to be in a defensive mode.
  5. Launching into your script: control yourself, don’t over extend when selling your cause.

Quite a good reminder, eh?

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