The week in search advertising

By | March 8, 2014

I decided to start a new series on this blog about what happened in the small world of search advertising during the week. It will mostly be a collection of links to interesting articles. The primary goal, for me, is to retrieve quickly articles. I hope this series will be useful for more people than just me!

  • How Facebook knows what you looked at on Amazon
    • Simple explanation on how FBX works
    • Source: 25hoursaday
  • Facebook is rolling out new targeting mechanics, the new options are:
    • Location (country & city; country & state; state & city; state & zip code)
    • Demographic (relationship status; life events as relationship status)
    • Interests (people interested in a topic – supposedly better than categories and keywords targeting)
    • Behaviors (based on offline activates: purchases, website visits)
    • Source: marketing land
  • Ad tech merger and acquisition will rage on 2014
  • WTF is ad viewability
    • Interesting discussion on the problem of displaying ads on some part of a site that is not actually viewed by the visitor (think the bottom of a site).
    • Source: Digiday
  • How to build effective mobile in-apps ads without irking your users
    • Advises for native advertising (embedding ads within the content)
    • .01% of apps will generate revenue
    • Source: TNW
  • The Ad Industry Reinvents the Hyperlink for the mobile Era
    • How advertiser are thinking of expending the hyperlink to be within Apps
    • Source: MIT TR
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