The week in online advertising (ending 3/9/2014)

By | March 8, 2014

I’m slightly increasing the scope of this series to capture a larger part of the online advertising (instead of focusing on search advertising only).

  • Focusing on mobile is solving yesterday’s problems
    • The focus should now be on ads that work across multiple screens
    • Focusing on reach is where we are trending today
    • Source: Forbes
  • 8 ways to write terrible online ads
    • Blindly using keyword insertion
    • Relying too much on broad keywords
    • Forgetting to spell check your ads
    • Using abbreviations to save space
    • Using technical jargon
    • Including your company name in the headline
    • Using superlatives
    • Don’t promise what you can’t deliver
    • Source: Entrepreneur
  • The good, the bad, and the ugly from last night’s Oscars real-time marketing
  • Why publishers are moving away from mobile banner ads and toward cross-device formats
    • 300×250 ad unit works well on all platforms
    • Placement should be automated, smaller screens tend to have more real estate available on mobile
    • Source: Digiday
  • Apple rolling out full screen video ads within apps
    • Interstitials video might pop-up while you are using your apps on iPhone or iPad (probably at a transition time)
    • This will probably be sold through Apple new ad exchange
    • Source: Advertising Age
  • How to take advantage of YouTube Pre-Roll ads
  • Does more targeting work better?
    • Interesting discussion on the future of targeting and its usage
    • Data shows that the user context (search vs social) impact his response to targeting / advertising
    • Source: Search Engine Land
  • How internet ads works
  • Instagram strikes first big ad deal
    • It was announced a while back and now it’s official, Instagram will be displaying ads
    • Source: Marketing Land
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