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New Actionscript 3 tutorials

Tomorrow, I’ll have my last exam for this year, and then finish for University for some month 😉 During the last 3 month I haven’t published any new video tutorial about Flash CS3, but they are coming soon! One will be about interacting with a Database, the other will be about interaction between javascript and… Read More »

Clearing the Flash CS3 Cache & Playing MP3

I’ve been doing some server side interaction with Flash CS3 today and had notice that the cache wouldn’t clear automatically… Too bad for debugging. The solution is as old as Flash itself: just give a random number to the URL called ( and Flash will reload the files completely. My test of today was about… Read More »

Tons of Free Flash Video Tutorials

Just a quick note, I’ve just found the Flash section of Wikivid, they have a lot of free video about Flash, even some video about actionscript 3 See the Flash Section at Wikivid. Also don’t miss the root of Wikivid if you are interested in learning a new software. A quote from the welcome page… Read More »

Flash CS3 Online Documentation

I don’t know if this new is fresh or not but the Flash CS3 documentation is now online, you can find it at the Adobe Livedocs. Currently the link is not on the Livedocs homepage. The most interesting part are: ActionScript 3.0 Language and Components Reference Programming ActionScript 3.0 Using ActionScript 3.0 Components Now I… Read More »

CS3- Who is the winner?

Simple tool for Adobe Manager that have to make winners for the tonight show : whosthewinner.air is an Apollo application, once you enter a Number it will display a number between the selected number and 1. Made in 5 minutes with Apollo 😀 Tonight we have a big Party at Geneva ( for the release… Read More »

Apollo: All the resources to start having fun has release a tutorial about Adobe Apollo. All the basic to make a simple application are explained by Mike Chambers: Join Mike Chambers, Adobe’s Senior Product Manager for Developer Relations, as he gives an exclusive, hands-on glimpse of the alpha version Apollo: a powerful new development tool from Adobe. Web developers fluent in Flash,… Read More »

Apollo book, free to download :)

One week ago I wrote about the new book from O’Reilly: Apollo for Adobe Flex Developers. Now this book is free to to download directly from the labs. The main Chapter are : Introduction to Apollo Getting Started with Apollo Development Using HTML Within Flex-Based Apollo Applications Using the File System API Apollo Mini-Cookbook So… Read More »

Apollo: Using the File System API

Wondering why I didn’t see it earlier, but there is a free chapter (about the file system API) from the book: Apollo for Adobe Flex Developers. Yes it’s only for the Alpha of Apollo (alpha to be out Mars 16th) The book is sell as a Developer’s Reference for Apollo’s Alpha Release for Flex developers,… Read More »