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How to lie with statistics

Just before the thanksgiving break, I attended to a book club event (internal to Bing) and Scott Berkun advised to read the book “How to lie with statistics”. I decided to use the thanksgiving break time to read it. Written by Darrell Huff in 1954, the book was extremely refreshing (the tone used in the… Read More »

20.65% of the top 5000 sites use Flash ?

This result surprised me, really. I thought that it would be much higher. I understand that it is not a worldwide statistics but app. 1/5 of top 5000 sites using Flash is really not a good sign or is it? Hard to find information to compare Flash against other technologies, maybe because Flash is quite… Read More »

Flash Player 9 Penetration

Yesterday I wrote about the new “CS3 essential training” from Lynda and said that the penetration for the Flash Player 9 was about 50%. I had a comment from Benz that told me the penetration of the Flash Player is 83.4% according to Emmy Huang’s blog. Those number are higher that what I observed on… Read More »

110 000 downloads of the Apollo runtime

Great news coming from Ryan Stewart blog’s on Zdnet.He asked to Mike Chambers about the number of downloaded Apollo runtime. Answer 110’000 🙂 In terms of penetration of an alpha runtime I guess it’s a quite good results. Even if I’m sure that the cool tools build by the community will make this number increase… Read More »

Buzz Monitoring about Adobe Apollo

Here’s a quick post to show the number of post containing “Adobe Apollo”. I post it here because I had already see some chart of Technorati, but never found were it was… (okay maybe it’s obvious but forgive my blindness). This tool is very useful for marketer but it’s not the only tool that we… Read More »

Trends Stats 2.0 in Politics

A graph comparing book sales on computer languages between January 2006 and January 2007 revealed that ActionAcript book represented less than 5% of the market [via O’Reilly Radar]. Let’s compare this stats with a blog analyses, just to see how much blogging and buzz can be taken seriously for a new way of making statistics.… Read More »

Internet Report 2006

The Internet Report of 2006 is out (since December) by ITU (International Telecommunication Union). It’s small and free, there’s a lot of interesting graph there 🙂 Have it from the Ahmet   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

Flash Statistics update

Nearly two month ago I published my Flash Stats Engine, now here are the result I get from it and the use of other stats engine. Data was gathered from more than 6000 different IP. On system that did already have Flash Player 7 installed and javascript enabled, this is the first bias. The second… Read More »

Macromedia Flash Player, Technology Breakdown

Flash Player is the number one of Internet enabled PCs according a NPD Online survey published in December 2005. Flash Player would be enabled in 97.7% of PCs Acrobat Reader in 89.4% Java in 86.2% Media Player in 85.6% Flash Player versions less than 5 are no longer measured. The sampling error for the NPD… Read More »

Another Flash Player Penetration Statistic

The first pre-result are out from my stats counter: 87% have a Flash Player 8 (!) 98% have a monitor DPI = 72 55% have a resolution bigger or equal to 1280px 56% have a resolution bigger or equal to 600px and under 1024px 54% have accessibility on 87% of Flash Player is quite impressive,… Read More »

Macromedia Flash Player Version Penetration

Still the same question for me, what about the Flash Player Penetration ? Macromedia give a response here. But I didn’t found any other website giving information about it. It’s not that I don’t trust Macromedia nor Adobe, but i would like to have other source than them. Here are more information about their methodology… Read More »