First online video in the “Great Minds in Development” series

By | March 21, 2006

Microsoft (DevSource), had put online a nice vidéos series “Great Minds in Development”. The First is with Jakob Nielsen, he talks about :

  • Recognise that developer are not average people.
    Developer thinks what they do is simple to use, but it’s simple for them.
  • Importance of prototyping, or you’ll loose time.
  • User testing can be cheap. Just sit with the user and write note (why don’t they click here?), observe the user.
  • Be more conservative with technologies (most of people don’t care about computer, they you want their job to be done).
  • Exemple of good or bad website.
  • Make information optimized for the medium.
  • Search on we site generally don’t work well but people depend a lot on search.
  • View the video
    It’s not a course about usability but it’s good thinking.

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