Spring 2006, an early alpha build of Blaze (Flash 9) shall come

By | March 23, 2006

As Mike Downey blog it a few month ago, the new Flash 9 alpha shall be available soon. Now that we had a look at AS3, we are ready to Flash with it! ! I can’t wait to use all the new features and I hope that all sample made with Flex will be exportable to Flash 9.

[…] We’re planning to release a very early alpha build of BLAZE publicly to all Flash Professional 8 or Studio 8 customers that will allow Flash developers to use ActionScript 3.0 and compile to Flash Player 8.5. We plan to release this public preview alpha release of BLAZE in the Spring of 2006 when Flash Player 8.5 is released. We’re doing so in order to give developers who use the Flash authoring tool a chance to start learning ActionScript 3.0, migrate existing projects, and slowly transition to the new language.[…]

Now that Fp 8.5 is an official public beta like Flex 2.0 beta, it’s smell like it will soon come.

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