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Display GitHub files on WordPress

I’ve been struggling a bit to find a good way to display files hosted on GitHub on my blog directly. I didn’t like that most plugins uses Gist which doesn’t allow for a nice collaboration. I have received some good recommendation about improving codes that I shared some time ago. I’d prefer a system where… Read More »

Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) Passes Acid2 Test ?

It seems that the Internet Explorer team from Microsoft is working hard to improve the quality of the much criticized non standard compliance IE generation (5 – 6 -7). With respect to standards and interoperability, our goal in developing Internet Explorer 8 is to support the right set of standards with excellent implementations and do… Read More »

Building a Better Search Engine

Via Technology review, […]After 30 years, it’s finally reached a point where it can be brought into the world[…] A search engine that would finds the best answer by considering the meaning and context of the question and related Web pages, I’m dreaming about it, they said they nearly achieve it! We will have to… Read More »

Markup Validation Service Beta 0.8.0

The W3C offer to test the new beta of the W3C html/Xhtml validator services (checks the markup validity of Web documents in HTML, XHTML, etc.) There are a number of cosmetic and UI changes, but the biggest difference is under the hood: the new validator is using a new library as a wrapper around its… Read More »

19 things not to do when building a website

Josiah Cole has compiled a not so small list of fundamentals rules that webmasters must learn. It’s almost the same as we hear every time : avoid boring your visitors with some useless scripts and design. Nevertheless this list can be useful, just to remember the basis of webmastering to you or your co-worker. And… Read More »

FOTB Note List

No time for me to assist to FOTB, but I’ve found some resources about it on the web. The first I wanted to share is the note presentation of Francis Bourre about “Everything you always wanted to know about a game development but were afraid to ask”. Full of information and links, an useful reading.… Read More »