From Objects to Mobile Systems and Services

By | October 24, 2006

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The Advanced Systems Group from Geneva University has release there 2006 Technical report.
It’s a collection of 17 papers talking about passing from Objects to Mobile Systems and Services.
Here what you will find :

1.Mobile Health Care: Towards a Commercialization of Research Results
2.Context-aware QoS Provisioning in an m-health Service Platform
3.Towards QoS-awareness of Context-aware Mobile Applications and Services
4.AmbiTrust: AmbiTrust? Immutable and Context-Aware Trust Fusion
5.What is Trust? My Own Point of View
6.A Social Semantic Infrastructure for Decentralised Systems Based on Specification-Carrying Code and Trust
7.SECURE Validation
8.Trust and Security for Spatial Messaging
9.GeoVTag: a User’s Guide
11.Towards Hovering Information
12.Security for Free/Open Source Software Powered by Peer-to-Peer
13.A Credential Based Approach to Managing Exceptions in Digital Rights Management Systems
14.Towards a Global Framework for Corporate and Enterprise Digital Policy Management
15.Enabling Technologies for the Interoperable Enterprise
16.Specification-Carrying Code for Self-Managed Systems
17.On the Use of Formal Specifications as Part of Running Programs


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  2. Reon

    That is some nerdy papers there. These should be translated to chinese as they are the biggest users of mobile phones in the world.